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DIY Coffee Enema… What is the worst that can happen?!?

My Personal Experience With Enemas and Colonics

Have you had a colonic or enema? Poo is never talked about but you can get a pretty good indication of your health with how you poo. It should be solid, leave no bowl ‘stop marks’, formed and you definitely shouldn’t poo like a sheep! Also you should be going daily, any less frequently and it will turn toxic in your system. 

DIY Coffee Enemas

I decided to explore DYI enemas when I underwent ‘operation heal leaky gut’, I had read gut healing books and blogs and it seemed to be agreed that daily enemas can speed up the gut healing process. So I got onto the google and ordered an at home kit… Anything to speed up this expected multiple-year endeavour!

Some benefits of a coffee enema are:

  • improved gut health
  • additional nutrient absorption
  • increased liver and health function
  • better digestion
  • detoxification
  • increased immunity
  • better sleep
  • tissue repair
  • weight loss
Are Enemas good for gut health? Figtree

I have been told that enemas/colonics can strip the body of healthy bacteria, I researched and asked questions and I believe that while good and bad bacteria can be stripped the body is a little amazing eco-system that will product more bacteria after the session as long as your feed your gut with wholesome good gut-bacteria feeding good.

Let me tell you about my first at home coffee enema…

I prepared the coffee, setup the home enema kit, got a pillow, put a large fluffy towel down, started a movie, followed the detailed knees-to-nose instructions and laid there with coffee slowly going up my butt… It wasn’t as traumatic as I’d expected… I rubbed my belly to move the coffee around the colon, I had a few cramps but I was able to ignore them or a while… then it suddenly hit me!!!

I had to go and NOW! I got up as slowly as possible but when I turned to plan my ass on the toilet it came out like a fire hydrant! Oh man! There was coffee poo up my walls!!! It was so gross! But it’s the best clean my bathrooms ever gotten! I learnt to put my butt into the shower cubical just in case and I didn’t have to wash my walls every again… So after the first time it wasn’t do bad. 

I know this is going to be TMI but all my adult life I thought it was quite normal to only poo 1-2x a week, so I believe I had years of toxic waste in my system that needed clearing! Part of my ‘operation heal leaky gut’ was a daily enema so I started clearing all of that out and felt so good! 

Colonic Review: Wollongong Colon Cleansing Centre

After about 20 days of doing them daily I booked in with Debbie from the Wollongong Colon Cleansing Centre, I booked in for the advanced 3 sessions, I figured I needed it!

The first session was so much better than my DYI poo wall session! Debbie is so kind, knowledgeable and lovely! It’s not a scary experience, its really interesting! You get to watch the waste exit your system and you can see all funky things, I even saw two worms!!! Debbie pointed out a few things, answered my questions and all in all it was quite an OK experience!

The 3 colonics that I did were in March 2021, I decided to head back to Debbie in April 2022 to get a maintenance clean. It was smooth sailing, I didn’t see any worms and there were only tiny signs of candida, plus there wasn’t over 15yrs worth of turd to come out!

The very best part of going to the Wollongong Colon Centre is they now have the BEST massage chair, its nice and relaxing before the procedure.

I have decided to get a colonic every 4 months for maintenance (but really it’s the massage chair), I think it’s going to be easier to keep my gut in a healed state rather than having to work through the ‘Operation heal leaky gut’ protocol again!

Before booking in for a colonic, especially if you have pre-existing conditions you may want to consult with a Gut Health Specialist to ensure that a colonic is the right thing for you.

If you are interested in improving your gut health with a holistic gut health program, contact me for a free 20 minute coaching consult.

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