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Coaching Program Options

Our one-on-one and group coaching programs focus on understanding the intricate connection between your lifestyle and how that relates to your overall wellness. Tailored to your individual needs, our programs offer comprehensive guidance, dietary insights, and lifestyle adjustments to support a balanced and thriving lifestyle. By adopting a holistic approach, our coaching programs aim to foster a strong foundation for improved well-being and vitality.

Wellness Coach Wollongong

Personal Coaching

1:1 coaching sessions are available online or in person. Personal Coaching program is available on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis and can be tailored to suit your specific needs and availability

Online Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Group Coaching sessions are available online.
Group Coaching sessions are run in 8 week blocks.
Live group coaching sessions are run online each week with recordings available for the duration of the program.

Holistic wellness coach Wollongong

In-person Coaching

One-on-one face-to-face coaching sessions are available in Port Kembla - between Wollongong and Shellharbour, NSW

1:1 Online Confidence Coaching for women

Online Coaching

1:1 and Group Coaching sessions are available online.

The Funky Guts Coaching Method

Holistic Health Coach Wollongong - We seek to understand


We will seek to understand your current world without judgement.

What are your symptoms? What are your stressors? What are you consuming? How are you sleeping? How are you moving? What are your goals? What are your challenges?

Growth Coach Kiama - We Plan With You


We work with your to plan how to introduce nutritious gut healing foods to your diet, remove stressors from your life.

We will work together to make small and incremental habit changes toward a better life and improved health.

Accountability Coach Shellharbour - We help you act and stay on track

Act & Review

We will check-in weekly to understand what's working and what's not and tweak the plan week-on-week to adapt it to your life to encourage accountability.

Each week we will set an action plan including meal planning, daily habits and scheduling to achieve your goals.

A women's health coach can help you achieve your goals

Who needs Funky Guts coaching?

Are you struggling with digestive issues and looking for ways to improve your gut health? Do you have low energy? Do you have anxiety that seems to be food-related? Do you have to ‘vet’ a menu before agreeing to eat at specific places? Do you feel ‘high maintenance’? Do you consider if food is worth the pain before eating it? Do you want to heal yourself but don’t know how? Do you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING?!?

A gut health coach can be your trusted guide and ally on this journey.

Funky Guts coaching is for women who want to improve:

Physical Health

Brain Health

Gut Health

Benefits & Outcomes

Improve Gut Health

Through personalized coaching, I will help you identify the root causes of your gut issues and develop a holistic plan to support your digestive health.

From dietary changes and supplementation to stress management techniques and lifestyle adjustments, I will provide you with the tools and support you need to achieve optimal gut health and overall wellness.

With my support, coaching, and guidance, you will be able to take control of your digestive health and enjoy a happier, healthier life.

1:1 coaching and support to optimise your gut health in Wollongong
Reduce inflammation with a holistic lifestyle coach in Port Kembla

Reduce Inflammation

The gut microbiome plays a crucial role in regulating the immune system and fighting off harmful pathogens.

When the gut is healthy, it produces fewer pro-inflammatory substances and more anti-inflammatory compounds, helping to keep inflammation in check.

By taking steps to improve your gut health, such as eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated, and reducing stress, you will reduce inflammation in your body and promote overall wellness.

Optimise Wellbeing

My goal is to have a significant impact on your overall well-being.

By optimizing gut health through proper nutrition, regular exercise, and mindfulness practices, you can support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, reduce inflammation, and enhance your body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients.

This can lead to improved energy levels, better cognitive function, and a stronger immune system, all of which contribute to a healthier and happier life. So, if you want to optimize your well-being, contact me today!

Holistic Wellness Coaching will improve your overall wellbeing
Holistic Health Coaching to live life again

Increase Confidence

We will work together to increase your confidence by supporting you to heal your gut and improve your quality of life.

I will provide support and guidance to develop a positive mindset, overcome limiting beliefs, and build resilience.

By healing your gut, you will enjoy a greater sense of freedom and flexibility, as well as improved physical and emotional health.

I will empower you to live your best life by helping you to heal your gut.

Success Mindset

Together, we’ll unlock your potential by identifying limiting beliefs and developing a growth mindset.

By focusing on possibilities rather than limitations, you’ll gain the confidence to take action and create the life you truly want.

We’ll work on building resilience and positive habits that support your goals, so that you’ll be empowered to overcome any obstacle that comes your way.

With these skills, you’ll be equipped to navigate challenges and ultimately achieve success in all areas of your life.

Mindset coaching to achieve your goals

Why Funky Guts Coaching?

Are you sick of being sick? Are you always nauseous? Do you know where the toilet is everywhere you go? Do you live a lesser life because of not being well and all that comes with it?

I can help you improve your health and gut!

I have been through this, I felt like I’d tried everything that modern medicine had to offer and found there wasn’t a magic pill for me. Throughout the course of 8yrs, I made little changes, added things, removed things, researched, researched, researched, and saw many doctors and holistic practitioners. 

I  can help you do the same thing. For me, the process took about 8 years of trying, experimenting, and researching.

Funky Guts Coaching Program

In the coaching program we will look at:

  • How you are eating now
  • Toxins/Stress
  • How you move/sleep
  • Your overall wellness

I will help you with:

  • Adding gut healing food to your eating plan
  • Meal planning and preparation advice
  • Your mindset around change
  • Suggestions on what to remove from your world
  • Small steps to improving your health

By the time we finish working together, I envision you having the tools and empowerment to be able to continue your journey without me.


Karen Davies
Karen Davies
24 August 2023
Kristy really knows her stuff and, best of all, she’s not afraid to change her approach when new facts/ science based evidence comes into play. Kristy’s approach is friendly but also firm - she holds people accountable so that they meet their goals but she also understands that life happens. If anyone is looking to change their health for the better in a supportive environment then Kristy is your woman!

How It Works

Step 1: Free Online Coaching Session

Book a Free Call

Book a FREE 20 Minute Coaching Call.
The call is completely obligation free. We'll talk about your current challenges and goals to see if we're a good fit.

Step 2: Personal Accountability Coaching

Weekly Coaching

Once you've signed up, we'll book in a weekly call to deep dive into your challenges and work together to create and refine a program that works for you.

Step 3: Transformational Coaching for ongoing success


True success is sustainable and repeatable. I'll help you create your own self-coaching practice so you can apply the concepts I teach you on your own.

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